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auto glass replacement faq Scottsdale AZ

I have glass coverage insurance so how do I file a claim?

Accurate Auto Glass will make it simple and easy.  Accurate Auto Glass is an approved vendor with all insurance companies which makes the process of filing a glass claim is quick and easy.  The only information we will need from you is the name of your insurance company, policy number, vehicle year make and model, and the date the damage occurred to your vehicle. We do all the work! Its fast and easy.

What if I am not sure if I have glass coverage or not with my insurance company?

A simple call to us and we can help you find out. All we need is a little information to verify coverage.  We can quickly find out for you. Insurance company information as stated above and we will know in an instant if you have glass coverage. If you do not, we offer competitive cash prices to get you taken care of without burning a hole in your pocket.  

Can the glass on my vehicle be repaired or replaced by a mobile technician?

At Accurate Auto Glass we can come to your home or business Monday - Saturday to perform auto glass repair or replacement services on any piece of glass that is on your vehicle. Our fast and friendly technicians will call you when en-route to your location. We also have in-shop appointments available.

Can I bring my vehicle to the shop to have repair or replacement services performed while I wait?

Accurate Auto Glass's shop is in Peoria AZ conveniently located off the 101 and 91st Ave/Grand exit.  All of your auto glass repair and replacement services can be performed in this location while you wait.  Please keep in mind that chip repairs generally require 30 minutes.  Windshield replacements generally take 60 minutes to replace and then the vehicle needs one hour to sit to reach its SAFE DRIVE AWAY TIME. If you are having a repair or a side window replaced you can drive your vehicle immediately after the services are completed. You can make your self-comfortable while you wait or also drop it off. Our friendly staff will be happy to make an appointment for you. 

What does " Safe Drive Away Time" mean?

The highest quality replacement is just a phone call away. Choosing a company to perform auto glass replacement services for you and your family should be an educated decision.  Your family’s safety is more important than any sales gimmick or promotion. Make sure when inquiring about service that you ask whoever replaces your windshield if they have certified trained technicians and what kinds of products they use. Specifically, the urethane that bonds your windshield to your car, as it applies to Safe Drive-Away Time. Safe Drive-Away Time is the amount of time you have to wait before the adhesive is fully set and safe to drive. If the company you are calling cannot give you information on Safe Drive-Away Time or does not write the time your vehicle is safe to drive on your receipt, that should be a warning. Not knowing this information could be fatal in the event of an accident.

What type of warranty does Accurate Auto Glass provide?

Accurate Auto Glass offers a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship for as long as you own or lease your vehicle.  Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. If we do not exceed your expectations please let us know. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any services performed on your vehicle, please call us at 623-979-5300 and our staff will be happy to answer them.

Windshield repair warranty.
When having a chip repair performed your satisfaction is guaranteed.  If you are having the work done and paying out of pocket, if for any reason the chip fails or you or not happy with the repair, the amount of the repair will be credited towards the cost of a new windshield. If the repair is covered by insurance and for any reason, the chip fails or you are not happy with it, the insurance company will credit the repair towards the replacement of that windshield.

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