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windshield replacement faq Scottsdale AZ

Windshield Camera Re-calibration

Driver safety system windshield camera re-calibration.

Does Your vehicle have a front facing camera mounted on the windshield? The front-facing cameras are part of your vehicle's advanced driver assistance safety system ADAS, (Advanced Driver Alert System), and are designed to warn and protect you and your vehicle on the road.

When your windshield needs to be replaced, car manufacturers specify that these camera systems need to be re-calibrated so the ADAS safety system continues to work properly.

The ADAS safety system helps protect you by warning and assisting you in avoiding collisions. Some examples of this are through lane departure warning, traffic sign recognition, automatic braking, forward collision alert, adaptive cruise control and pedestrian detection alert. The forward facing camera mounted in your windshield is a critical component in your vehicles safety system.

When your vehicle needs a windshield replacement and it has ADAS system safety features, Accurate Auto Glass has several options for re-calibration. There are two types of vehicle re-calibrations that are currently performed. Your vehicles year make and model along with what ADAS features you have will determine which re-calibration service needs to be performed.

1. Static Re-calibration – This test is done in-shop and requires a specific target image mounted on a fixture in front of the vehicle during the re-calibration process.  This process can take anywhere fro 1-4 hours to complete the test.

2. Dynamic Re-calibration – This test is done on the road with clearly defined road markings and no inclement weather such as snow or rain. It requires driving the vehicle at a set speed to re-calibrate the camera system.  Typically takes 30 minutes to one hour. Some vehicles may require both tests to be performed.

Accurate Auto will inform you when you make an appointment if your vehicle has ADAS features and instruct you with several options on the re-calibration. The cost of re-calibration is usually covered by insurance if you have glass coverage. Accurate Auto Glass can perform the authorization requests for this service to make it easy and quick.

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